Why Does Art Matter? A New Crash Course Series Explores Art History

Why Does Art Matter? A New Crash Course Series Explores Art History

School might be out for summer, but for those of us needing extra credit in the world of aesthetics, objects, and their meaning, the team at Crash Course is offering bite-sized lessons in art history.

A new video series hosted by curator and educator Sarah Urist Green dives into the vast realm of visual culture to explore the techniques, people, and movements that have transformed how we see the world. Filmed at Newfields, the first four episodes tackle topics about common parlance, the role of museums, and the individual artists who’ve ascended to cultural icons. The brief lessons are based on curricula for AP and first-year university courses, making them the perfect introduction or a way to brush up on the basics.

Crash Course plans to release 22 episodes in total, so keep an eye on the channel for more.

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