Owning the Workflow in B2B AI Apps

Last year, Kristina Shen and I expressed our anticipation for a “Wave 2” of B2B AI applications focused on synthesizing information, which we referred to as “SynthAI.” If the first wave of generative AI applications was about creating new content — like emails, lists, or marketing copy — this second …...Read More

The American Dynamism Engineering Fellows Program

We believe the most successful American Dynamism companies share a few common characteristics: They’re able to anticipate technological turning points and breakthroughs. They identify, recruit, and empower the world’s best engineers by giving them insanely hard, cross-disciplinary problems to own. They continuously push the limits of what’s possible with technology, …...Read More

3 Questions With… Varun Krishna, Rocket Companies

This content first appeared in the May 2024 Fintech newsletter. If you’d like more commentary and analysis about news and trends from the a16z Fintech team, you can subscribe here. It didn’t take much to convince Varun Krishna, the Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Companies and Chief Executive Officer of …...Read More

Themes vs Verticals: How to Stand Out as a VC Building a Thesis

Then, they need to figure out a way to project that brand up above the venture community, like a Bat signal calling for the best founders to come and pitch them. Articulation of a focus area accomplishes a few critical things for an investor: Inbound content marketing for deal flow—because …...Read More

AI + a16z

The views expressed here are those of the individual AH Capital Management, L.L.C. (“a16z”) personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliates. Certain information contained in here has been obtained from third-party sources, including from portfolio companies of funds managed by a16z. While taken from sources …...Read More

How Generative AI Is Remaking UI/UX Design

As former developers and product managers, we’ve lived the grueling dance between designers and developers, where questions such as “Is this design technically feasible?” and “Can you add another screen for this step?” take place in every meeting. All too often, this aspiring creative exchange resulted in a Jira-filled, time-consuming …...Read More

AI’s Second Order Effects

Here’s a math puzzle: A good salesperson can sell 50 widgets a year, earns $100,000 a year, and will not take a pay cut. A company has an amazing new widget that needs to be sold (people will not find it on their own/aren’t looking for it). Prospective customers of …...Read More

Layer 2, rollups, and building onchain (with Base)

“Layer 2” rollups are computer networks that are designed to help scale “layer 1” blockchains such as Ethereum — and they’ve been bustling with activity recently, especially since Ethereum implemented its scaling-related EIP-4844 (“Dencun”) upgrade in March. Jesse Pollak, who is Coinbase’s head of protocols and who founded and leads …...Read More

7 Ways AI-Native Companies Can Improve Retention

For consumer products, the rubber hits the road at retention. It’s the lifeblood of an app and the hardest metric to move, as I learned viscerally during my time running the growth team at Snap. To attract repeat users, companies can’t just fill a product with the latest and greatest …...Read More

Influence Meets Innovation: How Founders and Cultural Leaders Can Work Together

The Cultural Leadership Fund (CLF) team is often asked by portfolio founders how exactly cultural leaders can be a game-changing asset for their companies. On the flip side, athletes, entertainers, and C-level executives also ask what they should expect when investing in technology startups and working with founders looking to …...Read More