Abbasi's Entertaining Trump Biopic Features Award-Winning Strong & Stan Performances

Summary Jeremy Strong & Sebastian Stan deliver award-winning performances in The Apprentice. Ali Abbasi creates an entertaining & educational biopic on Trump. The script provides an impartial frame for Trump's early career. Since its announcement, the Donald Trump biopic has had a looming shadow of controversy around it. Given the …...Read More

That '90s Show's Newest Character Cameo Could Set An Exciting Trend For The Netflix Show

Summary That '90s Show season 2 will feature a cameo from Seth Green's That '70s Show character, Mitch, adding to the exciting trend. Primary That '70s Show characters like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will not return in season 2 of That '90s Show. Expect more minor That '70s Show …...Read More

10 Star Wars Animated Shows We'd Love To See Follow Tales Of The Empire

Summary Star Wars: Tales of the Empire explores individual Jedi and Empire stories, providing insight into Star Wars lore and character relationships. Potential new anthology series topics include stories about the Sith, the Rebellion, the First Order, the Resistance, the New Republic, the High Republic, and the Nightsisters. Explorations of …...Read More

Doctor Who Season 14's Ruby Mysteries Come To A Head In The Finale, Teases Showrunner

Summary The Doctor Who season 14 finale will finally unveil the answers behind the mystery of Ruby Sunday's origin. Russell T Davies promises a satisfying conclusion to the story of Ruby Sunday, played beautifully by Millie Gibson. The secret from the Doctor's past might hold the key to the truth …...Read More

Star Wars Theory Reveals The Acolyte's Villains Were Secretly Set Up 12 Years Ago (& They're Not Sith)

Summary The Acolyte's villains may not be true Sith, potentially imposters while the true Dark Lords remain in the shadows. The concept of Sith impostors draws from Legends, suggesting a new threat targeting Jedi in the High Republic Era. The actions of Sith pretenders in The Acolyte could draw out …...Read More

Reacher Season 3 Set Image Reveals First Look At Paulie

Your changes have been saved This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available....Read More

The New Official Origin of Masters of the Universe Has Just Redefined He-Man Lore

Summary Eternia's origins are revealed in Masters of the Universe: Revolution #1, showing the universe's mind-bending beginnings. Zoar and Ka, representing good and evil, nearly destroy Eternia until a balancing force steps in- setting the stage for He-Man's world. This new origin story would be perfect for a future animated …...Read More

Atlas Review: Jennifer Lopez’s New Netflix Movie Gets Science Fiction Totally Wrong

Summary Atlas' VFX & Jennifer Lopez's committed performance are highlights. Atlast has a weak script & tone-deaf message about AI. There is a lack of curiosity that affects characters & story quality. When I try to describe Atlas, the one word that keeps coming to mind is perfunctory. It's not …...Read More

All 14 Inquisitors In Canon Explained

Star Wars' Inquisitors were Darth Vader's elite death squad of Jedi-killing dark side users. Who were these Imperial agents and what were their fates?...Read More

"The S--t Never Stops": How Kristen Reacts To Leland's Antichrist Baby In Evil Season 4 Teased By Star

Summary Evil's Kristen Bouchard faces new challenges as Leland plans to use her missing egg for a demonic child. Star Katja Herbers suggests Kristen will be trying to focus on other things rather than this surprise baby. Leland's obsession with Kristen's family intensifies with the impending arrival of their child. …...Read More