Genshin Impact Natlan Leaks: Level Update May Drastically Change The Shape Of The Game

Genshin Impact Natlan Leaks: Level Update May Drastically Change The Shape Of The Game

Summary Character levels in Genshin Impact may increase to 100 with Natlan in Version 5.0, leaked by Foul on Reddit.

More farming may be required for additional Ascension levels, potentially demanding higher material quantities.

A higher maximum character level can lead to involuntary buffs for characters, with stat increases and potential meta enhancements.

Players may see an update to character levels with the arrival of Natlan in Genshin Impact, expected to be released within a few months, yet still in 2024. Natlan is the Nation of Pyro in Teyvat and its release has already been teased by developer HoYoverse through its official roadmap for the game and through in-game hints. A dialogue with Neuvillette at the end of the Fontaine storyline, for instance, reveals that Natlan is the next destination on the Traveler’s journey. Some details about Natlan in Genshin Impact are already known since they were confirmed through the game itself.

An example of this is that Natlan is heavily populated by dragons, much like Vishaps, but that these creatures have become part of the societal structure therein. Additionally, Natlan’s reigning principle is war, and this is reflected by the numerous conflicts between the rumored tribes within the region. While Natlan’s release is likely still a while away, there have already been some leaks about the upcoming Nation, from details about its map design down to descriptions of the Pyro Archon in Genshin Impact. Now, the most recent leaks indicate that there may be changes to how character levels work.

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Maximum Character Level May Increase To 100 With Natlan In Genshin Impact 5.0

Level Increase Was Leaked


While the details are still hazy and have yet to be confirmed, new information obtained by the leaker known as Foul, which was then shared in a post tagged as “Questionable” on Reddit, highlights that the maximum character level may increase with the arrival of Version 5.0 and the Nation of Pyro. According to the leak, the maximum character level will increase from 90 to 100 as soon as the patch containing Natlan is released. Foul doesn’t provide extra details about how this level increase will play out, but it could have consequences that affect players’ gameplay in Genshin Impact.

Extra Levels In Genshin Impact May Mean More Farming Time

More Materials May Be Required For Another Ascension Level

While the leak provided by Foul is rather vague and sticks simply to the level increase, the information alone may hint at additional changes to the game. The first possible implication of the leaked level increase is yet another Ascension threshold to unlock. If players have to complete one more Ascension before taking their characters from level 90 to 100, they will also likely have to farm materials to do so. The process itself does not tend to be expensive in terms of Mora, but material requirements at high levels can be quite high.

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As they exponentially increase with each Ascension in Genshin Impact, even more materials will be needed. Specific materials like boss materials and Local Specialities can see a surge in the required quantity, which will demand a large amount of farming. World bosses have a low fixed drop rate and, often, they drop from two or three copies of the required material per run. The current final Ascension level needs 20 copies of boss materials, which usually requires around eight to ten farming sessions.

“While there may be downsides to an eventual increase in the maximum character level, there are also positive changes that may emerge from the boost.”

If a larger quantity is needed for this rumored new Ascension level, then players will need to farm even more, which can be an excruciating thing to do when players have a low limit on Resin they can spend every day, added with the low quantity of drops per run. Local Specialties may also be a burden to farm with an increase to the maximum character level if the leak is correct. This is because Local Specialties in Genshin Impact often have very limited nodes spread across specific areas and they only respawn every 48 hours in real life.

It is common for players to take nearly a week to gather everything they need for a single character.

If more Local Specialties are demanded with an additional Ascension threshold, then that farming period may be extended even further, making the process of maxing out characters longer, more tiresome, and expensive. The leaked increase in the maximum character level may also imply that the game’s World Level will get a bump. Currently, players can rise up to World Level 8, but the rumored increase to character levels could also bring along an increase to add a World Level 9. If players also see a new World Level in Genshin Impact, part of the farming problems could be resolved.

With a higher World Level, boss drops could be more generous. Surely, the difficulty in beating them would be increased, but the extra challenge could also mean more copies of the necessary items used to Ascend characters. Local Specialties would not have increased nodes with a new World Level, however, as this does not affect the game’s world design.

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Why The Leaked Level Increase In Genshin Impact May Be Good

Involuntary Buffs May Emerge From The Rumored Level Boost

While there may be downsides to an eventual increase in the maximum character level, there are also positive changes that may emerge from the boost. With the possibility of an extra Ascension threshold and 10 more levels to add to each character, they may become stronger. This is because Ascensions often come accompanied by major stat increases to both the base stats and the sub-stat. With the 10 additional levels, Genshin Impact characters would also see their base stats, namely ATK, DEF, and HP, rise even more.

A new Ascension level could even mean higher Talent levels, which would also be a buff in some ways.

Characters that benefit directly from these specific stats, such as those whose damage output scales off their HP stat could see an involuntary buff to their on-field performance. With a larger Max HP stat, they could possibly deal more damage against enemies without having to modify much of their build. Of course, enemies themselves would become tougher, if the maximum character level increase comes accompanied by the aforementioned rise in World Levels. Nonetheless, some characters that are already operating at their peak performance in the meta could be enhanced even further with minor buffs in Genshin Impact.

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For now, the leaked increase to the characters’ maximum level should be taken with an extra grain of salt, as Natlan leaks are still early and a lot may still be subject to change if they are even true in the first place. More details about Version 5.0 and Natlan should start to get teased in the next few weeks and months as the game starts shifting toward the release of the Nation of Pyro, possibly at some point this Summer if there are no delays to Genshin Impact’s regular six-week schedule for every patch.

Source: Reddit

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