Ali Hazelwood's Not In Love Surpasses Her Other Romance Books In 1 Big Way

Ali Hazelwood's Not In Love Surpasses Her Other Romance Books In 1 Big Way

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for Ali Hazelwood's Not in Love.

Summary Not in Love offers a more mature and serious romance compared to Ali Hazelwood's previous books.

The novel delves into trauma, consent, trust, and forgiveness, highlighting a new side of the author's talent and storytelling.

While still fun and sweet, Hazelwood's latest release pushes boundaries and suggests it's worth experimenting further in future works.

Ali Hazelwood is known for writing romance books that are fun and sweet, and while the author's much-anticipated June 2024 release falls into both categories at times, Not in Love surpasses her previous work in one huge way. Not in Love hit shelves on June 11, and Hazelwood's latest release is an interesting addition to her lineup. Although the book follows her typical formula in many ways, it sets itself apart from the author's prior novels — and she notes that this is an intentional shift at the very beginning.

Rather than calling Not in Love a rom-com, Hazelwood refers to it as an "erotic romance." And there's certainly a noticeable difference in the way that Rue and Eli's romance unfolds. There are way more explicit scenes in this 2024 release, and that may appeal to readers looking for books with "spice." However, that's not the only area in which Not in Love excels. By taking a slightly different approach, Hazelwood is able to go places she hasn't before. This may not work for everyone, but it does give Not in Love one advantage over her other novels.

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Ali Hazelwood's Not In Love Goes Deeper Than Her Other Books

This June 2024 Romance Doesn't Shy Away From Serious Subjects

Not in Love follows two emotionally complex protagonists, and it takes a less lighthearted approach to their story than Hazelwood's other works. The author's newest release isn't afraid to dig deeper into both characters' trauma and flaws. In fact, Rue and Eli spend a lot of time sharing their shame with one another throughout Not in Love. The book uses their difficult backstories and worst moments to make the argument that even the most jaded people are deserving of finding happiness and love. It's a powerful message, but it's not necessarily as fun to read as a more laidback rom-com.

Not in Love feels more willing to tackle serious subjects than Hazelwood's previous books, which makes sense given its slightly different genre. Its ability to tackle how trauma impacts one's future and relationships is especially impressive, but the novel also digs into topics like consent, trust, and forgiveness. It feels more mature and dramatic, and it showcases a new side of Hazelwood's talent.

Not In Love Showcases A New Side Of Ali Hazelwood

The Author Should Experiment More

A more serious novel isn't necessarily better than a rom-com, but Not in Love successfully highlights Hazelwood's range. While the author should return to lighter, fluffier reads if she wants to, Not in Love also suggests it's worth experimenting with new angles. That seems to be a trend for Hazelwood this year, as her other 2024 romance book, Bride, also marked a shift from her typical storytelling. Hazelwood's catalog of romance novels could get a lot more interesting if she continues to buck expectations and switch up her usual formula. Hopefully, Not in Love promises more on that front.

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