Every Version of Supergirl, Ranked from Weakest To Most Powerful

Every Version of Supergirl, Ranked from Weakest To Most Powerful

Summary Supergirl's legacy spans across many characters, from powerless vigilantes to Kryptonian powerhouses.

Different versions of Supergirl offer unique twists, like Justice's cop-turned-vigilante story.

The strongest Supergirl variants, like Ultragirl and Power Girl, showcase incredible powers and abilities.

The legacy of Supergirl has seen multiple different characters take up the mantle of the Last Daughter of Krypton. Over the years, the adventures of Kara-Zor El have taken her across the multiverse and beyond to find allies and enemies who call themselves Supergirl. But just which versions of Supergirl are the weakest and strongest across the DC Universe?

Supergirl, the Woman of Tomorrow, has been a fixture in DC Comics for 65 years. She first appeared in 1959’s Action Comics #252 by Otto Binder and Al Plastino as a refugee from the surviving Kryptonian planet, Argo City. Possessing all of the powers of her cousin Kal-El AKA Superman, Kara-Zor El took the name Supergirl and began inspiring billions of humans on Earth as a new Kryptonian protector. As the years went on, Kara discovered an entire multiverse of beings who not only share the name “Supergirl” but have gone on to even greater heights with different aliases. This is every single variant of Supergirl ranked from weakest to strongest.

14 Justice (AKA Linda Danvers)

JLA: Act of God #3 (2001) by Doug Moench and Dave Ross

The weakest version of Supergirl in a world where superpowers are extinct. Mirroring the Y2K bug conspiracy of 2000, an event known as “Black Light” shuts down all the world’s technology and depowers all superheroes. Now the once powerful godly heroes of DC Comics must adapt to their environment and take on new jobs. Supergirl decides to abandon her “S” symbol and become a new hero.

With no more Kryptonian powers and giving up her new job as a cop, Linda Danvers patrols the streets as a vigilante named Justice. Training with Batman and wearing a masked suit of armor, Justice pummels her enemies with a double mace weapon. Though no longer Supergirl, Linda still continues to uphold the values of her former persona and defends her now-powerless friends.

13 Scorch (AKA Aubrey Sparks)

Superman #160 (2000) by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness

A devilish kind of Supergirl. During the “Emperor Joker” event where the Joker steals Mr. Mxyzptlk’s powers to create an alternate, villain-fueled dimension, mild-mannered Aubrey Sparks is transformed into a demonic Supergirl named Scorch. As a member of the JLA (Joker League of Anarchy), Scorch used her new form and powers to work with Bizzaro and kidnap Superman. Despite her hellish appearance, Scorch doesn’t have any kind of Kryptonian powers, making significantly weaker than the other Supergirls.

Scorch uses plasma to generate and absorb any kind of fire and can teleport using the same flame powers. After fighting Superman and realizing the error of her ways, Scorch turned over a new leaf and sought to get help from the Justice League. Falling in love with Martian Manhunter and helping him get over his fear of fire, Scorch is now under close watch at the DEO.

12 Supergirl (AKA Cir-El)

Superman: The 10¢ Adventure #1 (2003) by Steven Seagle and Scott McDaniel


The illegitimate daughter of Superman. Cir-El, a mysterious Kryptonian girl sent from the future to warn her “father” Superman about an upcoming Brainiac invasion on Earth. But Superman is later shocked to see Cir-El acting like a completely different person who hates being Supergirl. The truth is revealed as Cir-El is a human named Mia who was experimented on Brainiac, given Kryptonian DNA, and implanted with false memories of Superman being her father.

Cir-El, as Supergirl, has all of the powers of Superman but it took her a while to learn how to fly properly. Due to her age, she is less developed and less focused than the original Supergirl. Cir-El also has the bonus power of emitting Red Sunburst blasts from her hands and using them to fire intense heat at her enemies.

11 Andromeda (AKA Laurel Gand)

Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 4 #66 (1995) by Tom McCraw, Mark Waid, and Lee Moder

Another replacement for the dead Supergirl who works with the Legion of Superheroes! Andromeda, a Daxamite from the sister planet of Krypton, Daxam, who gained almost all of the powers of Supergirl but with a few side effects. Since Daxamites were raised around a Red Sun, Andromeda is completely vulnerable to lead and must wear a special bodysuit to protect her from getting lead poisoning.

Andromeda, under the yellow sun of Earth, is very similar to the Kryptonian heroes of Earth but she is immune to Kryptonite and uses her Legion ring to fly at top speed and defy gravity. In addition to being close to the power scale of Supergirl, Andromeda holds a few skeletons in her closet such as being a xenophobic member of a Daxamite community, hellbent on stopping organic-extraterrestrial alliances. But working as a Legionnaire alongside organics, aliens and AI like Brainiac-5 helped her see the error of her ways and become a better hero.

10 Bizzaro-Girl

Supergirl #53 (2010) by Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle


Who says Supergirl can’t have her own Bizzaro? Though Bizzaro-Girl had small appearances in the early years of Supergirl, this one had a much more prominent role! Bizzaro-Girl was created by the original Bizzaro Superman on Bizzaro World and sent to Metropolis on a rocket ship. In a fit of rage and confusion, Bizzaro-Girl nearly destroyed Metropolis with her uncontrollable strength and Supergirl had to have help from Dr. Light just to defeat her.

Bizzaro-Girl has all of the powers of Bizzaro, including flame breath, ice vision and all of the powers of Superman. Her lack of self-control and intelligence makes her a very dangerous opponent if not contained quickly. She also later becomes an ally of Supergirl, who helps Bizzaro-Girl, save her home planet from an invading force known as the Ash'Ka'Phageous.

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9 Ultragirl (AKA Kara Zor-El)

Crime Syndicate #4 (2021) by Andy Schmidt and Kieran McKeown

A Supergirl who uses Kryptonite to gain her powers! Ultragirl lives on Earth-3, an alternate world where heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are villains and villains like Lex Luthor, Joker and Cheetah are heroes. This Supergirl was disguising herself as Earth-3 Lex Luthor’s assistant and attacks her evil cousin, Ultraman, for abusing his powers. Ultragirl claimed herself to be the Earth’s new protector since Ultraman and his evil Justice League, The Crime Syndicate, devastated the Earth with their tyranny.

Ultragirl’s Kryptonian body has evolved to where Kryptonite no longer kills her, but rather fuels her powers. By absorbing Kryptonite radiation, Ultragirl has all of Ultraman’s abilities like Ultrastrength, stamina, speed and many more. Despite overpowering Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate, this heroic variant perished after Atomica (Earth-3 Atom) shrank inside Ultragirl’s brain and walked all over it to give her brain damage.

8 Supergirl (AKA Linda Danvers)

Supergirl Vol 4 #1 (1996) by Peter David and Gary Frank


This Supergirl never asked to be a hero, but she made the most of it. Linda Danvers was a normal woman living in a small town until her boyfriend Buzz tried to blood sacrifice her to unleash a demon from Hell. Luckily, Matrix AKA Supergirl, was flying around just in time to save poor Linda by merging her body with hers and Linda became the new Supergirl. With Matrix still in her body, Linda could keep her telekinesis, Supergirl’s powers, and even transform her body into a stronger and mature figure.

As Supergirl, Linda fights demonic villains from Hell to redeem herself after her traumatic history with her ex-boyfriend/cult leader, Buzz. For a time, Linda also gained the heavenly powers of the Angel of Fire, created from a merging of two beings when one is at the brink of death like Linda was. These powers included teleportation and flame wings.

7 Power Girl (AKA May)

Tangent Comics: Powergirl #1 (1998) by Ron Marz and Dusty Abell

On Earth-9, this variant of Supergirl was designed to become the ultimate protector. A Chinese girl named May, born and genetically modified in a lab, created to replace her flawed predecessor, “Super Girl.” Taking the name “Power Girl,” the super-humanoid May serves her Chinese government and defends it at all costs from foreign threats.

This Supergirl comes equipped with a whole host of new abilities that the original Kara Zor-El never had. With flight, enhanced speed, super strength, May also has the ability to control microscopic energy and turn it into raw power. This energy manipulation allows her to heal others and herself, as well as resurrect herself should she ever perish in battle. Though she might seem unkillable, May will eventually run out of energy and she can’t always rely on resurrection via energy control.

6 Power Girl (AKA Kara Jor-El)/Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Ame-Comi Girls: Featuring Power Girl #4 (2013) by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Mike Bowden


What if Kal-El was never born, and Jor-El had a daughter named Kara? Kara Jor-El escaped the destruction of Krypton, along with her older cousin Kara Zor-El, and was adopted by the Kent Family in Smallville. On Earth, Kara Jor-El discovered her superpowers and became Power Girl but had no need for a secret identity. Power Girl was able to share her knowledge about Kryptonian technology and became a huge celebrity until her cousin, Supergirl came to Earth.

The two Super cousins, with the same powers as the original Superman, banded together to defeat the evil Brainiac, the AI overlord responsible for destroying Krypton. They were so powerful that both became among the chosen few to join the White Lantern corps during the “Blackest Night” event. They also form their own Justice League with Batgirl, Robin, and Wonder Woman.

5 Dark Supergirl

Supergirl #3 (2005) by Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill


The evil half of Kara Zor-El. Dark Supergirl is the result of Supergirl’s violent side being brought to life by Lex Luthor using Black Kryptonite on Kara. This doppelganger’s mind and memories were warped into having her believe she was sent to Earth to kill her cousin, Superman. She is bold enough to rebel against her “creator” Lex Luthor by flying him to space, to the moon, and into the JLA Watchtower. Dark Supergirl is a complete psychopath with no empathy or any attachment to her loved ones, meaning she doesn’t have to hold back.

Dark Supergirl possesses all of the powers of her good half but with murderous intent. Supergirl’s dark half is strong enough to fight off Justice League members like Green Lantern, and Hawkman, and even outsmarted the Flash by flying him into space. While Supergirl struggled to defeat her dark half, Batman subdued Dark Supergirl with a Kryptonite ring and Wonder Woman merged the two Supergirls back together with the Lasso of Truth.

4 Supergirl (AKA Ariella Kent)

Supergirl #1000000 (1998) by Peter David and Dusty Abell


A six-year-old Supergirl that is stronger than she looks! Ariella Kent is the Human/Kryptonian daughter of Linda Danvers and Superman. Linda, who was still possessed by Matrix, accidently created a new timeline where she and Superman got married and had a child named Ariella. The Spectre found out about this time aberration and made a deal to send Linda back to the canon timeline but Ariella had to be left behind and recklessly use her powers without guidance.

Ariella is probably one of the most powerful Supergirl variants in existence at only 6 years old. She has all of Superman and Linda/Matrix’s powers like flight, teleportation, telekinesis and could even duplicate herself. Finally, Ariella is able to time travel to the 853rd century and she is strong enough to destroy entire planets, accidently blowing up a planet while playing around in space.

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3 Supergirl (AKA Matrix)

Superman #16 (1988) by John Byrne


After Kara-Zor El’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths, an artificial Supergirl took her place. Matrix, a protoplasm creature brought to life by a Pocket Universe Lex Luthor, was made to replace Lex’s dead wife, Lana Lang. With Superman’s physiology attached, Matrix has all his powers and new ones such as invisibility, telekinesis, and shape-shifting. After Lex sent his creation to join Superman on Prime Earth, Matrix shapeshifted to make herself look exactly like Kara and became the new Supergirl.

Matrix, as Supergirl, is strong enough to take down an army of haywire Supergirl clones and can even generate force fields and energy blasts. Though immune to Kryptonite, Matrix’s true weakness was her constant identity crisis since she wasn’t human or Kryptonian. She would merge with a new Supergirl named Linda Danvers and Matrix became an Angel of Fire with a whole host of new powers.

2 Power Girl (AKA Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr)

All-Star Comics #58 (1976) by Gerry Conway and Ric Estrada


Earth-2’s Supergirl is much more mature and experienced than her Prime counterpart. Powergirl’s backstory almost mirrors Supergirl’s, but her spaceship had a built-in VR simulation of Krypton that sent her to Earth as a grown woman with fond memories of her loved ones. Like her Earth-1 counterpart, Power Girl had to adjust to a foreign planet like Earth to become a true hero and protect it at all costs.

Power Girl’s abilities are the same as Supergirl’s and Superman with bonuses such as professional fight training from the Justice Society of America. Kara of Earth-2 is strong enough to resist the willpower of Green Lantern’s ring, can withstand almost anything thrown at her from bombs to black holes, and has beaten the likes of Wonder Woman and Superman. As the sole survivor of her Earth-2 being destroyed, Power Girl continues to fight with the greatest heroes and trains the new generation of young heroes to surpass the old.

1 Supergirl (AKA Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers)

Action Comics #252 (1959) by Otto Binder and Al Plastino


The original and genuine article. After escaping the destruction of Krypton and her home, Argo City, Kara Zor-El came to Earth as an angry and PTSD-riddled teenager. Blessed with all the powers of cousin Superman, Kara had to learn the hard way to control her new abilities. A pure Kryptonian, Kara has a short temper combined with her Argo City combat training, making her even more deadly than Superman.

She has flown into the sun itself without injury. She’s strong and fast enough to dig holes into the Earth’s core, as seen in Action Comics #267. Kara’s uncontrollable rage made her into a Red Lantern during a battle against Lobo. She has learned how to phase/become invisible thanks to the Flash, treated an atomic bomb blast at full force like a mild tickle, and even overpowered Superman with her raw strength.

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