Penelope & Colin's Wedding Song In Bridgerton Is So Perfect I Could Cry

Penelope & Colin's Wedding Song In Bridgerton Is So Perfect I Could Cry

Summary The song at Colin and Penelope's wedding in Bridgerton is so fitting, it brought tears to my eyes.

The episode captured their journey and love perfectly, with breath-taking decor and outfits.

Coldplay's "Yellow" was a perfect choice, symbolizing Colin's deep love for Penelope in Bridgerton.

The song that plays at Colin and Penelope's wedding in Bridgerton is so fitting, it basically has me in tears. Colin and Penelope's relationship has taken a slow and winding path to love that has only made their wedding that much more satisfying. Penelope secretly harbored a deep affection for Colin for years, while Colin was only able to see her as as good friend. With all of the trials and triumphs that the couple has faced, including the reveal of Penelope's secret identity, it was crucial that their Bridgerton wedding was able to capture their journey, their love, and their personalities as individuals and as a couple.

The wedding ended up meeting expectations and was absolutely breath-taking, which is no surprise given how wealthy Colin and Penelope are in Bridgerton. The beautiful florals, elegant outfits, and jaw-dropping decor made for the perfect scene for Colin and Penelope to commit to a life together. My eyes were filled with tears for the entirety of the episode, as the two put their hardships aside and began their new life together as husband and wife. In typical Bridgerton form, the episode was full of sweet nods to earlier seasons and one of the best ones came in the form of the song that plays at the wedding.

What Song Plays At Colin & Penelope's Wedding


After looking forward to Colin and Penelope's wedding, I was pleasantly surprised by how well every detail came together for the characters' big day. From Penelope's stunning blush-colored wedding dress to the gorgeous ceremony that had my eyes filling up with tears, the wedding was all that I could have asked for as a dedicated Bridgerton viewer. One of the best details of the celebration is the choice of music. When Penelope walks down the aisle to meet Colin at the alter, Coldplay's "Yellow", covered by Vitamin String Quartet, plays.

Why Yellow Is Such A Perfect Song For Penelope

Aside from just being a beautiful song, "Yellow" was the absolute perfect choice for this scene. It's widely known that Penelope's color on Bridgerton is yellow. She is always seen wearing it and has even made jokes about it during season 1. Her entire family's color scheme is yellow, which has been known to symbolize envy and is tied to the fashion trends of the Regency era.

Though the connotations of the color aren't completely positive, the song shows how Colin recognizes Penelope for all that she is and all that she has been. Rather than just seeing the matured version of Penelope that he is now in love with, Colin sees his best friend and rememebers the loud yellow outfits she would adorn. This song was one of the best picks in the Bridgerton season 3 soundtrack, as it perfectly summarizes the deep love Colin has for his bride.

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