DC Finally Makes An Underrated Hero Cool After 2 Disappointing Live-Action Appearances

DC Finally Makes An Underrated Hero Cool After 2 Disappointing Live-Action Appearances

Summary Steel is finally given the justice he deserves in My Adventures With Superman with a revamped look and dynamic storyline.

The use of an anime-inspired mech suit for Steel in the series breathes new life into the character's portrayal.

DC has the opportunity to bring Steel into the spotlight through future movies or shows, showing his potential as a formidable hero.

DC appears to have finally done right by an underrated hero in My Adventures With Superman after some underwhelming appearances in live-action. There are a huge number of DC heroes who have enjoyed various depictions over the years, with some more successful than others, but viewers who tuned into My Adventures With Superman season 2, episode 3 were treated to an iteration of one hero that helped balance out his complicated adaptation history.

The episode, entitled "Fullmetal Scientist", sees Superman introduced to John Irons, a familiar face to comic readers as Steel. After My Adventures With Superman season 1's powerful ending, the show offered more opportunities for the series’ creative team to provide new variations on established depictions of the DC ensemble, and this Steel is no different. One of the most exciting revelations is that this iteration of the character comes with his very own mech suit, which packs a suitable punch.

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My Adventures With Superman's Steel Makes Up For The DC Hero's Underwhelming Live-Action Appearances

Disappointing Previous Depictions Are Eased By Great Character Design And Its Use In Storytelling

In the past, live-action depictions weren't kind to John Irons. In 1997’s Steel, the character retained his comic book appearance, but it seemed clunky and unintentionally comedic. Shaquille O’Neal played the title role and, with an 8% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film wasn’t regarded fondly. Steel got an update in the Arrowverse show Superman and Lois where he was played by Wolé Parks, this time with new armor. However, his character was initially antagonistic, which didn’t do justice to his origins, and the suit lacked some of the gravitas of its comic counterpart.

The character comes across as venerable and powerful, not to mention awesome to look at, so much so that even Superman seems excited to meet him and treats him as an equal.

Generally, Steel either felt mishandled or not given the right space to shine as a character in adaptations, leaving an underwhelming impression. But Steel’s anime-inspired look and feel in My Adventures With Superman seemed wholly appropriate to the hero’s comic origins, while fitting in perfectly with the tone of the show’s story. The character comes across as venerable and powerful - so much so that even Superman is excited to meet him and treats him as an equal - while also showing off a truly epic looking suit that is far more exciting than the prior versions of the costume.

Why DC Needs To Use Steel More In Movies & Shows

In The Right Hands, He Is Poised To Do Great Things

Steel represents a great opportunity for DC to get more mileage from a lesser-known character by leveling them up. Viewers saw in Justice League how the Snyderverse's redesigned Aquaman could be brought more up-to-date in a way that made him an equal to the people he fought alongside, countering the perception of the hero as lesser in some regards. It’s very easy to picture Steel’s new mech suit in a live-action setting, and the excitement that would generate for an audience, whether he’s part of a team or in his own solo movie.

There’s a precedent in superhero films like Guardians Of The Galaxy for lesser-known heroes to become pop culture icons if they are brought to life in a way that resonates with audiences. Steel has a stable platform in My Adventures With Superman from which he can go onto even bigger things. If DC gives the character the right push, he could get his own TV series or anime, perhaps in a similar form to 2018’s Batman Ninja. The fresh look of John Henry's suit also lends itself to numerous upgrades across television and film.

Steel’s appearance in My Adventures With Superman represents a fresh take on a character who has been around for decades. In one fell swoop, it redeems two disappointing appearances by the character where he was either underused or came across as the lesser entity when compared with an A-lister like Superman. The hero's latest depiction gives him genuine gravitas and generates a world of possibilities for more depictions across film and television. Steel could well turn out to be one of DC’s not-so-secret weapons, and a capable ally who Superman can depend on.

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