Onyx Storm Is Almost Guaranteed To Continue 1 Annoying Dynamic From Iron Flame

Onyx Storm Is Almost Guaranteed To Continue 1 Annoying Dynamic From Iron Flame

Summary Onyx Storm may continue Violet & Xaden's relationship problems from Iron Flame due to Xaden turning venin.

Xaden's emotional progress could regress in Onyx Storm as he tries to distance himself from Violet.

Violet's stubbornness in pushing for trust could lead to growth between her and Xaden in Onyx Storm.

One annoying dynamic that occurred in Iron Flame is almost guaranteed to continue in Onyx Storm, causing issues with the ongoing narrative. A particularly large plot point of Iron Flame was the newfound tension between Violet and Xaden regarding the lack of trust and honesty in their relationship. Those complications were mostly due to all the secrets Xaden kept during Fourth Wing. Their back and forth forced them to reveal more and more about themselves to each other, though that tension continued to escalate this issue for them.

Though that argument was never truly finished, Iron Flame's ending added a new wrinkle to that conflict by having Xaden turn venin, complicating the main protagonist's relationship further. Updates for Onyx Storm have revealed little when it comes to how this will affect Violet and Xaden's relationship, though many fan theories have abounded. However, this addition to that established tension will most likely carry these relationship problems from Iron Flame into Onyx Storm.

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Onyx Storm Will Likely Continue Violet & Xaden's Relationship Problems From Iron Flame

Onyx Storm Could Reset Xaden's Emotional Progress From Iron Flame

Fanart by @XenaFay

Though they did make a small amount of progress in Iron Flame, Violet and Xaden's relationship could regress due to Xaden's insecurity. Xaden in the Fourth Wing series is characterized by his desire for control. This desire carries into his relationship with Violet, though he was slowly relinquishing that control in fits and starts during Iron Flame. His question game with Violet showed that Xaden wanted to open up, albeit at a too slow a pace for the circumstances. Despite this, Xaden may completely close himself off in Onyx Storm out of fear of hurting Violet.

Xaden's new, dangerous status as a venin could cause him to distance himself from Violet as he feels he is too dangerous now and could hurt her. Xaden's growing inntinnsic abilities could cause him to try to keep away from Violet so that he does not accidentally invade her mind and breach her privacy, shattering their fragile peace. Adding to that is the possibility of his shadow manipulation going awry, which could hurt others if he becomes too drunk on power. While Xaden distancing himself is possible, Onyx Storm could also surprise readers by having Violet refuse to give up.

Onyx Storm Could Flip The Dynamic Between Violet & Xaden After Iron Flame's Ending

Violet's Stubbornness Could Push Their Growth Forward In Onyx Storm

Art by @Rosiethorns88

Violet's desire for Xaden to open up and trust in her could flip their dynamic in Onyx Storm, allowing them to move forward rather than continue their arguments from Iron Flame. Violet in Fourth Wing sees past Xaden's attempts to keep her at arm's length, declaring that she knows he loves her even if he has not said it. This stubbornness and knowledge of Xaden's love for her could allow her to stand her ground. While they still have issues to work out, Violet could refuse to let Xaden push her away as they work through this crisis together.

Violet's refusal could then lead to more tender moments instead of tense ones between the two, such as the cake scene in Iron Flame. Xaden could open up further as he realizes the depths of Violet's love and loyalty, finally trusting that he is not alone in fixing Navarre. Violet, in turn, could also open up and confront her own insecurities with Xaden. Not only could this continue their progress, but it could also verify a few theories for upcoming Empyrean Series books as they work together to find a cure for Xaden's condition.

Why The Empyrean Series Shouldn't Keep Violet & Xaden Apart For Too Long

Ending The Miscommunication Trope Would Further Violet and Xaden's Character Progression

Custom Image by Sam MacLennan

Violet and Xaden should not be kept apart for too long in Onyx Storm as it could halt both their character growth and the remaining plot of The Empyrean Series. Miscommunication and relationship drama is the backbone of many romantasy series', such as ACOTAR. However, this trope needs solid reasoning behind the argument to keep it going in a compelling direction. In the case of Violet and Xaden, having them grow together and develop a normal relationship is the more intriguing plotline and allows for Onyx Storm to tilt its focus.

Violet's insecurity and Xaden's secrecy can ease as they learn to rely on each other, showcasing a rare, normal relationship in the genre.

Having Violet and Xaden's relationship reach equilibrium would allow for their growth as individuals to continue, as their issues are tied to the other person. Violet's insecurity and Xaden's secrecy can ease as they learn to rely on each other, showcasing a rare, normal relationship in the genre. This could also allow readers an emotional respite as Onyx Storm focuses on the venin threat as well as the broken systems within Navarre, giving the world further depth. Not only that, but this could allow other Fourth Wing characters to grow in Onyx Storm, as Iron Flame ignored many of them.

Onyx Storm will be released on January 21, 2025.

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