Thirteen Prodigious Sculptures Nestle Among the Trees in 'La Forêt Monumentale'

Thirteen Prodigious Sculptures Nestle Among the Trees in 'La Forêt Monumentale'

Along the Seine in the thicket of Roumare Forest, an installation of thirteen striking sculptures celebrates France’s woodland heritage and ongoing preservation efforts. The handful of selected works, chosen from an open call that received more than 300 applications from 33 different countries, highlights both local artists and international creatives. The impressive project is justly titled “La Forêt Monumentale,” or “The Monumental Forest,” and is currently open to the public, encouraging viewers to gain an awareness of the country’s lush woodland identity in a physically accessible and creative way.

One of the project’s main goals is to re-introduce audiences to a love for nature and art while cultivating a newfound respect for the forest and its gifts. While “Cathedral of Green” by Olivier Thomas provokes the viewer to think about the notion of safeguarding and protection by referencing the parallels between religious architecture and natural environments, Will Menter’s “A sound river of possibility” utilizes wind to activate oak planks, creating a rhythmic, ambient soundscape.

The importance of wildlife and the effects of deforestation on natural habitats is the cornerstone of works like “Herd” by Ewa Dabrowska and “Camels” by Jan Sajdak. And by conceptually and literally evoking a reflective experience in “Origin,” Les Plastiqueurs’ ovoid form blanketed with mirrored panels leaves viewers to ruminate on the effects that they have on their immediate surroundings.

“La Forêt Monumentale” is open until September of 2026. See more work on the project’s official website.

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