10 Animal Crossing Items You Still Didn't Know You Can Interact With

10 Animal Crossing Items You Still Didn't Know You Can Interact With

Summary In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are various hidden features and interactive items.

Some of the furniture items can feature unique player-made custom designs and will appear when the object is interacted with.

Many items will move or create special effects when players press A next to them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for quite a while now, having been released in March 2020, yet this detailed game is still surprising players with the number of items that can be interacted with by players and villagers. The cozy simulation game has an incredible catalog of objects and furniture that can be either purchased using in-game currency or made at the crafting stations, with multiple also allowing for customization or different color options. While this variety can provide players with the means to decorate any way they want to, it also leads to some overlooked items that might hold hidden details.

Even after so many years, players continue to discover hidden details of Animal Crossing: New Horizons regularly. In some cases, things may just be noticed after an AI-controlled villager comes over to visit and starts to interact with an object that is placed in the home. Others might be discovered when players are redecorating, trying out new themes that are a bit out of the ordinary, or trying something entirely different, like recreating Jurassic Park on their island. The creativity that ACNH inspires is truly phenomenal, and it is fun to see how some of these interactive objects can be used.

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10 The Brick Oven Holds Tasty Surprises

Clicking On The Brick Oven Will Open The Doors


The Brick Oven in ACNH is a craftable item that adds a quaint charm to any kitchen or outdoor area, resembling a traditional pizza oven for many players. Once crafted, it can be customized using six customization kits to change it into one of four color schemes. Each color option makes the brick oven look rustic and beautiful, but they also each hold their own little surprises inside.

By clicking on the brick oven, the little doors on the front will open, revealing a tasty looking pizza cooking inside. There are four different pizzas that are each assigned to different color options. Interestingly, at Harv's Island, clicking on Harv's brick oven to the side of his home will reveal that he has a unique one with a pie cooking inside of it rather than a pizza.

9 Weavers Could Enjoy Putting The Loom To Work

A Working Loom With Custom Patterns


The Loom is a purchasable item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is one of the possible rotations of items in the fully upgraded Nook's Cranny store for 13,000 Bells. It has four variations available, with four different patterns of fabric being woven on the loom. Clicking on the loom will start the machine and players can see it working, going back and forth and making a noise.

The loom can also be altered to put a custom design on it in place of the traditional fabric that is shown being woven. This allows players to have even more freedom and creativity in their spaces, making it look as though they are weaving their own design.

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8 Fish Tanks Are Quite Illuminating

Players Can Turn The Aquarium Lights On & Off


Placing a fish anywhere on land in ACNH will create an automatic little fish tank or bowl to form around the fish, depending on the species and size. There are quite a few different varieties, but typically they will appear as a standard black aquarium. Once in the world, clicking on the aquarium will turn a light on or off within the aquarium itself. Placing multiple fish tanks inside a home, turning on the aquarium lights, and turning off the room's light can provide a very peaceful and serene feeling and make a mini sea life museum.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when placing the Snapping Turtle, it will not appear in an aquarium but will instead simply be placed on the ground as a large animal. It won't move from its spot, and interacting with the turtle will make it move its head some, essentially allowing players to keep it as a pet turtle. Also, the Oarfish will be placed in a very large swimming pool-like feature, which is not quite as handy for placing inside the home.

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7 Pet Beds Could Be Quite Comfy

Players & Villagers Can Take A Seat


The Pet Bed is one of those items which, along with the litter box and pet food dishes, can leave some scratching their heads. In a game full of animals such as cats, dogs, bunnies, and more depicted as anthropomorphic neighbors, with no "pets" to be seen, it feels strange that there would be so many pet-related items. Many players have used these items as cute decorations, however, which led to villagers on islands showing that there is a use for the pet bed after all. Thankfully, they have not begun using the litter box, however.

The pet bed is available in three variations and has five patterns, in addition to being able to be customized with a custom design or any of Sable's patterns. Once placed, it is essentially used as a short chair, with villagers or even the player character able to sit on it and enjoy looking at their favorite magazine or to simply relax.

6 The Ocarina Is Not Just A Decoration

Musically Inclined Players Put It On The Tool Ring


The Ocarina is familiar to many Nintendo players due to its connection to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – ranked one of Screen Rant's best games of all time. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the ocarina is a craftable item that comes very early on, in the DIY for Beginners collection. Many players may overlook crafting the ocarina, thinking that it is simply a little decoration. Particularly as, at that stage of the game, there are many other tools and items that might seem much more important to craft.

Once crafted, players will discover that the ocarina is actually a tool, and can be added to the tool ring and selected the same way one would hold a shovel or net. Using the item by pressing A will make a musical sound of varying notes, as players can play music on their very own ocarina.

Although unverified, some players say that playing the ocarina after a bug or fish runs away will cause them to return.

5 Skeletons Might Be Wanting To Dance

Throw Their Arms In The Air Like They Just Don't Care


A Skeleton is an interesting piece of furniture to have in ACNH, particularly as it takes on more of a realistic look of a human skeleton and is not shaped in any way similar to the main character of the game. This could suggest that the Animal Crossing character is not actually human, but that is up for debate. The piece can be purchased from Nook's Cranny for 3,900 Bells or in the Happy Home Paradise expansion for 3,500 Poki.

Aside from presenting an interesting decor piece, the Skeleton can also provide a little scare when players interact with it. When either a player character or villager clicks on the skeleton, the skeleton will quickly and suddenly throw both its arms up over its head and hold them there for a moment before it lowers them again.

4 King Tut Mask Is A Bit Top Heavy

Not Recommended For Running, But No Judgments Here


When picking up gold nuggets that are kicked out of rocks, players have a chance to discover the crafting recipe for the King Tut Mask, although how one would suddenly come up with this particular idea by looking at a chunk of gold is rather a stretch. It is not available for sale, but could be sold to Nook's Cranny for a profit of 50,000 Bells, or players can keep it to wear.

Putting on the King Tut mask shows that it might be a tad big for the character, but it is a fun piece of headwear. A special jingle plays when it is put on, and then if the player attempts to run around their island, the oversized mask can make them trip. If running over dirt or sand, a mark will briefly be shown on the ground where the fall happened.

3 Fossils Can Come To Life Before Players' Eyes

Should Blathers Be Worried?


In addition to donating fossil pieces to Blathers at the museum, identified ACNH fossils can also be placed outside on the island to create beautiful displays. In fact, since the full fossils come in sections, sometimes players can even end up with some unique looking monsters by putting the wrong creature's skeletal remains together. When done properly, however, to create a fully finished T-Rex, Triceratops, or some other dinosaur, they can be interacted with.

By simply walking up to the completed skeleton and pressing A, some dinosaurs will change their positions by moving their heads or tails, complete with a crunchy sound of the bones moving. Confirmed dinosaurs that can move are T-rex, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus, although many others may also be programmed similarly.

2 Fax Machine Prints Custom Designs

Creative Players Could Have Fun With This


A Fax Machine may not be a really cool or pretty item, and is one that many players will likely ignore when it comes available for sale at Nook's Cranny. There are four colors available for it: white, pink, brown, and black. The standard item comes with a choice of four patterns for the paper that is being printed out, but for simply one customization kit, players can make their own design come through on the fax.

Using a custom design, players can make their fax machine say whatever they would like it to say, or have a pretty image appear. Continuing with the office theme, the laptop computer can also be customized to have a unique background appear on it, but it is much more expensive with a requirement of seven customization kits.

1 Godzilla Isn't Just A Simple Monster Statue

A Noisy, Fire-Breathing Beast


Most players immediately think of this item as the Godzilla statue, although it is actually given the non-intellectual-property name of Monster Statue. The monster statue is incredibly large, with the player character only coming up to its waist, and comes in four color variations, which can be changed by Cyrus at Harv's Island. It is a special outdoor item that is available at the Nook Stop for a cost of 5,000 Nook Miles, but will add 0.5 development points to an island rating.

Godzilla doesn't simply stand and look menacing, however, as players who have been brave enough to run up and touch it have discovered. By pressing A to interact with the monster statue, Godzilla will release a loud roar and will breathe fire from its mouth. If only players could harness it to keep Redd in check when he comes around in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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